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What I Pack: Work Trip + an Opportunity for You!

Well Hello!! I am so very sorry for the delay. All I can say is…Life Happens! The good news is I have some travel coming up I will be blogging about and reviewing!! Now, it’s technically not a beachy or tropical locale. It is in fact a large city, BUT, it does have beaches and an ocean and I will blog about it if I darn well please 🙂 Before I go, I thought I would show you what I pack when traveling for work. This trip is for a conference that I will be attending and presenting at, so what I pack has everything to do with putting my best foot and face forward and feeling my most confident, while networking, presenting and representing my organization. Enjoy 🙂

*Note: There will be an offer or shall I say….proposition…. for you all at the end of this post, so take a look if you dare 🙂


Couldn’t put a frame on this one because it cut off the awesome necklace


What you see…
Top Picture: My entire skin care routine. Nothing can make a girl feel a little less confident then a big breakout before getting on stage to present to people. Flying can be tough on the skin so I make sure to bring everything I need to make my skin look and feel it’s best (also not pictured – MAKEUP!)

Deoderant…. need I say more?!?

Runners for the hotel gym! Work out some pre-presentation nerves!

Flats….it’s a big city and I intend on getting some serious shopping time aka walking time 🙂

Middle Picture:
A couple of outfits I know will make me look and feel great. I am obsessed with the grey t-shirt dress. It fits perfectly and is conservative yet sexy all at once.

Bottom Picture:
My electronic devices! (not pictured my iPhone because I took the less than stellar quality photos with it) I want to stay connected to everyone back home while I am away. Unlike a beach vacation where I love unplugging and taking space from these things.

Did I miss anything you guys think is important to looking and feeling your most confident while shmoozing?

Now… for that Proposition I promised. I have not been the most effective travel blogger as I haven’t been travelling!!! I do have a travel inspired recipe coming up for ya, plus the reviews of my work travel, but still! I need more! So, have you been somewhere that you are dying to let people know about but haven’t found a platform? Why don’t you send your review to me?!! I would love to post some peoples reviews of their recent travels.

– Must have travelled there within the last 3 months
– Must not be based solely on opinion, please include facts, positive and negative and try not to tell people what they will like and not like.

Please note that I do reserve the right to not post your review if I don’t feel like it’s a good content fit for this blog. If you have a blog or website I will absolutely post the link and a bio so that people know where to find you.

Send reviews through my Contact page or send them to (yes, it’s from an old blog I tried and I haven’t updated the email for this yet….LIFE HAPPENS!)


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Welcome to Sandy Traveller! I’m Sandra, but some people call me Sandy. I love to travel, and since I live somewhere that gets very cold for much of the year, I LOVE travelling to hot climates with nice sandy beaches….have you picked up on the double entendre yet?!?

Recently I had the opportunity to go on two beach trips in a short period of time. During this time I spent countless hours researching, reading reviews, trying to find out which resort would be the best fit for me and my travel needs. It became a bit of an obsession, to be honest. The thing about reviews are often they consist mostly of people’s opinions.

Opinions. Everybody has one. No 4000 people have the same one.

This left me feeling cross eyed and confused. There were some that I found helpful, the ones that shared some tips, tricks, or specifics that aren’t necessarily shared with the resort booking information, but overall I had even less of an idea about what I wanted and if I would enjoy the resort.

When I returned from the last trip, I thought about writing a review, but instead decided to start a travel Blog that provides the types of reviews that I would have liked to read in the first place. Thus “Sandy Traveller” was born…. You get the double entendre now right?!? 🙂

So, what can you expect to find here?

– Information about resorts, beaches, food and activities.

– Fact based reviews based on my experiences.

– A couple of my very own opinions.

– And since I’m not a millionaire who is able to travel the world every month, maybe some fun travel inspired recipes, interviews from friends and family on vacations they have taken, and some other fun stuff.

What won’t you see here?

– Any review that tells you “don’t waste your money”, “worst resort ever”, “best resort ever”, “stay here it’s amazing”. I may not like something, or like something very much, and I may even tell you that, but, I will not be telling you what you will like or dislike. I just want to give you information so you can feel equipped to make a more informed decision.

– Personal travel photos of me on a beach. I will stick to photos of the rooms, beaches, pools, and food.

The first review will be up Wednesday so be sure to check back to read about the Azule Fives Resort in Playa del Carman, Mexico!!

Bon Voyage! Have a safe and fabulous trip 🙂