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What I Pack: Beach Vacation

Besides a wide variety of bikinis, tank tops, and sun dresses, here are a few of my “must have” items when I go on a beach vacation! Happy Packing 🙂


1 – A beach bag that you can put your camera, money and sunblock in when heading to the pool or beach. I’ve definitely forgotten one before and lugged around my purse…not cool. Sometimes hotels will also provide you with a lightweight bag in your room so if you do forget one, check your closet!!

2 – Great disposable razors. I choose disposable ones to travel with because then I can leave it there and not worry about packing it back up to bring home. I love to come home with less than I brought…leaves room for whatever new purchases you have acquired!

3 – Shaving cream. When you are shaving everyday to be pool and beach ready, a little shaving cream goes a long way in preventing razor burn.

4 – Dove Soap. I generally hate the soaps that are provided in hotels as they always make my skin feel dry and filmy after, so I always bring my own.

5 – Chapstick with SPF to save your lips from sunburn!

6 – Yummy tropical smelling lotion. It moisturizes and leaves you smelling delicious! I never bring perfumes with me to beach vacations for some reason so this lotion doubles as perfume and body moisturizer.

7 – Tanning accelorator. This changed my life. As a pale person who loves her SPF 30, a tanning accelerator lotion (like this Maui Babe) gives me a lovely rich, dark, tan that lasts longer than usual.

8 – SPF 30. Duh 🙂

9 – Travel size hair spray. It takes up way less room and is often a necessity as the humidity frizzes your hair.

10 – Good Conditioner. The sun, salt water, and chlorine can really dry out your hair, so along with my shampoo, I make sure to bring a great conditioner for my hair.

11 – Extra (inexpensive) sunglasses. OK, all my sunglasses are inexpensive as I tend to lose them…. So I bring extra.

12 – Facial Wipes. I don’t bring my whole skin care regimen on a beach holiday as it takes up suitcase space and with the salt water, chlorine, sun, sunscreen and snorkel masks…my face is taking a beating anyways. I do like to bring facial wipes to quickly and easily take off any makeup before bed.

13 – Exfoliator for my face. To get off all the sunscreen etc.

14 – A lightweight facial moisturizer. I like to use this one (with some salicylic acid in it to prevent breakouts) under my sunscreen.

Those are my essentials! What do you need to take with you when you are heading to the beach for a vacation??

Be sure to check back next week for a review of my experience at Macao Surf Camp in Punta Cana!

Have a Fabulous Trip! 🙂 xo