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Have a Fabulous trip!

A bit About Me

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Since I am providing you with reviews you may benefit from knowing a bit about me….

– I Check off the 27-35 age box when filling out forms

– I am not married, but I have a boyfriend who I travel with sometimes

– I do not have children or pets

– I have been to Puerta Plata, Punta Cana (twice), Varadaro, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Playa del Carmen

– I teach Yoga part time

– I am quite pale and love to get a tan while on vacation

– I often meet people while travelling that I try to keep in touch with

– I’m an optimistic, introverted, extrovert…. It’s a thing!

– I once rode a camel in Cuba (of all places…)

– I enjoy dancing

– I eat meat, but not seafood or fish

– I love to snorkel but scuba diving terrifies me

– I’m Terrified of sharks

Found here

– BUT that hasn’t stopped me from surfing! Once in Hawaii and once in the Dominican Republic

– I like to create memories on vacation in the form of funny stories and experiences, I believe in living in the moment and not necessarily capturing it on film or buying a souvenir to commemorate



Author: Sandy Traveller

Hi, I'm the Sandy Traveller! Have a Fabulous trip :)

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