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Welcome to Sandy Traveller! I’m Sandra, but some people call me Sandy. I love to travel, and since I live somewhere that gets very cold for much of the year, I LOVE travelling to hot climates with nice sandy beaches….have you picked up on the double entendre yet?!?

Recently I had the opportunity to go on two beach trips in a short period of time. During this time I spent countless hours researching, reading reviews, trying to find out which resort would be the best fit for me and my travel needs. It became a bit of an obsession, to be honest. The thing about reviews are often they consist mostly of people’s opinions.

Opinions. Everybody has one. No 4000 people have the same one.

This left me feeling cross eyed and confused. There were some that I found helpful, the ones that shared some tips, tricks, or specifics that aren’t necessarily shared with the resort booking information, but overall I had even less of an idea about what I wanted and if I would enjoy the resort.

When I returned from the last trip, I thought about writing a review, but instead decided to start a travel Blog that provides the types of reviews that I would have liked to read in the first place. Thus “Sandy Traveller” was born…. You get the double entendre now right?!? 🙂

So, what can you expect to find here?

– Information about resorts, beaches, food and activities.

– Fact based reviews based on my experiences.

– A couple of my very own opinions.

– And since I’m not a millionaire who is able to travel the world every month, maybe some fun travel inspired recipes, interviews from friends and family on vacations they have taken, and some other fun stuff.

What won’t you see here?

– Any review that tells you “don’t waste your money”, “worst resort ever”, “best resort ever”, “stay here it’s amazing”. I may not like something, or like something very much, and I may even tell you that, but, I will not be telling you what you will like or dislike. I just want to give you information so you can feel equipped to make a more informed decision.

– Personal travel photos of me on a beach. I will stick to photos of the rooms, beaches, pools, and food.

The first review will be up Wednesday so be sure to check back to read about the Azule Fives Resort in Playa del Carman, Mexico!!

Bon Voyage! Have a safe and fabulous trip 🙂

Author: Sandy Traveller

Hi, I'm the Sandy Traveller! Have a Fabulous trip :)

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